Unambiguous language and DDD

The real purpose of OO-modeling is  – as modeling as whole – to create abstract simulation of the world. The closer the model follows the structures of reality and the corresponding behavior of the associated parts the better the model simulates reality.

For this reason it is vitally important that all the concepts are clearly define and unambiguous.

I have been developing Smalltalk and Java application since 1994. All of these have been built starting from scratch an abstract domain model and finally implementing this as the middle tier of and application. In my experience the most crucial thing here is right model of the world itself. This means that the business understanding is crystallized in the model. This means that the understanding, the language it is expressed is equivalent with the model. These are the same thing. Thus you don’t actually need a separate glossary because your class and attribute definitions is that glossary!

Yes! This is the most crucial thing of all. When this is right everything else goes smoothly if this is wrong there is very little to be done to correct the situation. More of this at my web-site and of course in Grady Booch excellent book:  Object Solutions ISBN:

Finally a quote from that book:

 The center of gravity of an object-oriented information system should be its domain model.

·         Get this model right, and your task will be much easier.

·         Get this model wrong, and abandon all hope.



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