Genuine object model: Health care

Here is now my first business area abstract domain model. The target business area is generally health care. I have chosen the scope so that it will cover everything from doctor’s practice and from diagnosing through all kind of treatment, medication and other. It also includes all kind of laboratory tests and x-ray research (and similar). So to model covers the quite widely all kinds of deceases and injure treatment. This model is quite abstract (OOA) model and it will lack most of the attributes required for implementation and application around this core. On the other hand the semantics in defining and naming concepts (classes) is enough rich and if proceeded to application design and implementation the additional classes needed for the domain layer are few. The class model contains around 20 classes and almost 40 associations and one inheritance.  Here is he class diagram:

I am not completely satisfied with the current model but I would require a set of health case professional to finalize it. The things that are somewhat vague is the triangle of three events: Status, Disease and Treatment.  Another thing to keep in mind is that English is a foreign language for me and as I am not a health care professional so I don’t know how good my “translations” of concepts are.

The only collaboration that I include here is a story of two phase treatment of a sore throat.

This collaboration is lined up by three visits: 1. to doctor’s reception, 2. to laboratory 3. a phone call from the doctor to patient. The details of the story should be readable from above diagram (at latest from the animation).

Here is the StarUML-file

the same in MS-Word model for medical general practice.doc

and PowerPoint animation of collaboration diagram

All suggestion, questions and comment are appreciated.

An implementation of the domain layer is very straight forward from here.


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