Explanations on OO modelling axioms

To continue a bit my last post which was quite compact and not very readable.

The modelling is a activity to produce a simplification of too complex reality to clarify or emphasize a selected aspect.

So the modelling starts from reality. Thus the five first axioms all the way to collaboration axiom instrument the reality to get controlled information in a standardize way.  This is very important to enable the model to communicate the ideas of the modeller. The minim requirement for that is the creator and the reader understand the model in same way.

So identifying the object from reality is scarcely a problem but forming the classes out of that is more difficult and requires experience. The naming and choosing the right level of abstraction is the challenge.

So as long as we move on the object level we are dealing with facts. When we move to classes these are concepts in modeler mind. The model is a picture of the reality in the modelers mind.

When we move to implement the model and extend this to be an application. Then we move from the model to reality, but other reality. Computer programs are real on disk and when running in computer memory.

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