New summary page for ADDD


I added here a page: ADDD in nutshell. This page summarizes the most important viewpoints that I have been writing here. It collects the pieces together and tries to assembly a holistic picture with the most important aspect. This also describes the necessary minim set of elements that gives the simplest way  to manage an operation management application family of one business function. This of course implies two implications: 1) this is the most effective application creation and maintenance method over the whole application family lifecycle, 2) The quality of the resulting application family is likely to be the highest reachable.


One Response

  1. Nothing to change, I agree on any part.

    It is however to add few things at that level:

    design for adaptability
    – even if the application is one to throw away, you need to be sure of that. if you get adaptability for free, without any staff time expenses, by code generation, then enjoy!

    think widely, implement specifically
    – answer to the needs but consider their evolution with care
    but an agreement should be mad on how far to go with generalization

    use component base approach
    – internal high cohesion between classes and loose coupling towards the other business components; natural objects need that approach and the better fit for SOA

    be modular
    – you get project visibility & increase deployment flexibility
    but your development platform must be able to support that approach

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