Domain model for Project Management

Here is a new business line domain model for the New Year. This time the core domain model is about Project business. This is a general version. It can be a base model for all kinds of project planning and implementation. Thus is as good for designing and implementing an application as a bridge.

This level of abstraction is very good starting point and should serve well. On the other hand it should be easy to increase the semantic of a specific subset of project management.

This model takes into account the whole life cycle of a project. It assumes a set of template for specialised project types with their particular task types. The business life cycle start from project initialization in proposal state – for instance a sales offer. Then the model gradually catches all the necessary phases. This way for example first a task is added to a project. Then the task is staffed by creating work event for those participating persons’ corresponding roles. This way the planed work immediately shows up in person’s calendar. When the work is being done the person updates the state of the work-event object. No additional time reporting is needed.

Here is a small fragment of a collaboration digram of creating a new Abstract Domain Driven Development project:


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