Railway Model

I actually created a city commuter model and I will publish it in the next post. These models are very close to each other. I have just dropped street aspect away from this.


Here is the class diagram:

Here is also one variation of “ plan – implementation” domain pattern. This is also an issue that I will return in future posts.

There are also some class name that I am not very happy with. I don’t actually know what I should call the event that I here call Run ??


Anyone have any constructive proposals ?


2 Responses

  1. Your choice of the term Run is the best choice.

    There are no multiplicities on the association between RoutePart and RunPart.

    Your term ‘plan-implementation’ corresponds to my abstraction occurrence square which I published in my 2001 book. See http://www.lloseng.com or
    or http://www.site.uottawa.ca:4321/oose/index.html#abstraction-occurrence

  2. I am not sure I got the model right, could you use “shift” instead of run. I am sure somebody with english as mother tongue can come up with a good name.

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