Domain model of retail business line

Here is my next business line model. The business is retail. The amount of variation between individual retail businesses is quite huge. This is why the current model is perhaps somewhat more abstract than some others.

In retail the key to the business is the material flow. When we consider contemporary retail like the modern trend is close to JOT ( Just On Time ) production. The point is to avoid any unnecessary storing of component. The implication of this is of course highly organized supply flow. Emphasis on the delivery mechanism is a must. In production it is actually more critical than in retail in average.

This demand is reflected in the domain model as well. The deepest essential event flow gos like this:

  1. Provide the customers a comprehensive catalog of product descriptions.
  2. Then the customer can order based on this catalog. When the order is received it is immediately replicated to the provider of the product.
  3. In the worst case this will trigger a request to production. Then the customer is kept updated of the process.
  4. In many cases and at least in more classical scenario the retail company is keeping and managing a stock of goods and maintaining order limits and quantities.

My model here includes all above aspects. The event-object purchase can thus be either and event between producer and the retail company or between the retailer and end customer.

I have of course also included the work-events and the worker role in the model as well.

Here is the object collaboration of a classical even chain, where the product is first ordered, received and placed on a shelf in the stock (or in the shop) and finally purchased by a customer.