Let me train your developers in Object-Oriented paradigm and modeling

There is a lot of undeniable evidence of the high productivity of Object-Oriented paradigm.
The core of the reasons behind this is the simplicity of two layer structure of all activity.
When all activity is divide in two parts: the things that each participant achieve individually and what is the result of two or more individuals collaborating together.

The paradigm sift from procedural to OO in early 1990’s was a total discontinuation point. It seems that the huge majority of “the old school” veterans that had not enough training and resources to understand the hard core of the new paradigm and the poor new tools together caused the whole computing community to deteriorate back to the “golden age of algorithms”. This way we mentally retreated at least 15 years in software development methodology.

Today my guts feeling is that most application development projects are conducted in an extremely inefficient way. Thus those cost many time more than would be necessary.

Agile development is one step forward and an attempt to do things better but it deals most with group dynamics only and it requires strong methodological support from the professional side. OO is that counterpart.

Software developers should be much better of if they were not taught any 3G procedural languages and databases at all. All this stuff belong ti the past. Instead the should be taught domain modeling, object behavior and collaborating sets of object, object life cycle and persistence.

When a person has learned to develop a Java application in modern IDEs then it is not a big effort to learn the OO paradigm if one is to learn it at all.

I think that the current development teams should give their member a fair chance at least to learn to know the cornerstones of the OO-paradigm and the development method to be able to compare the methods and to decide them selves.

It takes only 2 – 3 days of on-cite training to open peoples eyes if that will happen at all.
I am most willing to give that training.