Event Management model

Here is small and quite practical domain model of organizing different kinds of events – like congresses, fairs or festivals. All these events can have several parallel tracks and each track consists of consequent sessions. Sessions have a subject or a tittle and from one to several performers. The members of listeners or audience are called participants. A sessions is event-moment type of object and all different roles are connected to the event trough participation-events. Each participant has exactly one participation event to connect the person to the event. Participation’s state attribute in the event reflects the life cycle of that event.


I am trying to implement this model in an event management application. The application will provide means to register to the event and then the application will confirm the registration if there is available capacity left.

I am implementing this with Python and I am currently testing ZODB oo-db with this. I am still looking for a web framework. In my first tests I used tkinter GUI. I like the lightweight but oo structure of Python. It remains me a lot of Smalltalk with it’s dynamic oo variable binding.