The state of OO -development in 2017

I have started this blog on OO application development in 2009 and posted the last post on this issue in 2014.

The core of my approach is centered on abstract domain OO – model. To created these models one needs deep understanding of the underling theoretical concept. This can not be achieved just following a set of rules. The divider is the abstraction level and thus the model size. If the abstraction level is too high the model has no value. It dos not promote the understanding of the domain. If the abstraction level is too low, it is even worse because too much detail prevent the possibility to separate important from unimportant and the just isn’t a way to return. So too detail model poisons the whole process.

A just right model create a great opportunity not just a good and flexible domain implementation but also for user interface part of the application, because early separation of concerns will dramatically reduce complexity of both sides.

I started to write the posts at late 2009. It has gathered 48 000 hits all together. I have posted my last OO article early 2014. The OO did not concur the world as I and Gready Booch predicted around 1995. For this reason I am gladly surprised the current hits at my blog currently. For most of the time my readers came from US, Canada and India, but almost the whole world was covered.

I have retired 3 years ago and I don’t have a hands on touch in the current development trends. My current surprise is the activity around my blog in 2015 and 2016 there were about 4300 views and 2000 visitor yearly and most visitor came from US, Canada and India. Even this year there has been about 1000 views and 580 visitor from the same countries. I am both happy and honored about this.

I would be curious to know the motives for these visits and the current state of OO development in the field.