Subject index

OO theory

The set of minimum requirements of OO-methodology
Difficult OO concepts: type, class and object
The core of things
Managing complexity
Confusions about abstraction
Stubborn confusion with behavior
The difficult concept of MODEL
Confusions in Object Paradigm
Paradigms and Object Paradigm in particularly with quote from Grady Booch
Proving OO to be the most effective application development paradigm
Model semantics and abstraction level
Why use cases are evil?
Associations are first class citizens – or even more than that
Aged not outdated remarks on the meaning and importance of behaviour
Lost & Found OO
No such thing as CONTENT

Explanations on OO modelling axioms
Rehabilitation of Object-Oriented Paradigm

OO abstract modeling

Model semantics and abstraction level
Patterns of domain model
Modelling patterns part 2
Modelling patterns part 2
Remarks on abstract OO domain model: inheritance

Dynamics of object creation
Unambiguous language and DDD

Business models

How to create a OO-model
Railway Model
Airline business (Business area models:)
Domain model for Project Management
Domain model for car retail and maintenance
Domain model for person’s social life
Domain model of retail business line
PowerPoint presentation of healthcare model

My things

My approach and My training

My history of IT
My contribution to ADDD.

Application development

High productivity in software development
ADDD is future!
IT revolution – 3 layered model driven information systems
Confusions in the concepts of model execution and code generation.
Creating an extra high productivity & extra high quality SW development team
Why Scrum needs desperately ADDD
Story about lost collaboration and its impact on tools
OO model driven application development; the state of art and for the foreseeable future
Why the term: ”database” in object context is also evil

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